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Become Your Best Self with Joy

I made myself wrong for years thinking I should be happy and 'I am not worthy for all this'.

Like all women my life has been filled with many blessings and it’s been filled with many challenges. Many of my challenges started from a young age of growing up which has let me to a life long path of Spiritual Seeking and Personal Development Seeking plus being a Women Entrepreneur. And even though I am happily married and have three great kids and live in New York City with two cats I found myself struggling with Happiness ....

and I couldn’t really let myself be worthy & happy and I didn’t really know why. 

Until I discovered that the core and the key to my Happiness is True Self Love.

I kept thinking that, if I made more money in my business, that I would feel more Self Worth and I felt like a number of external things would make me happy. And when I went through my own 9 Step Self Love Process of

Me validating Me,

Me seeing Me,

Me mothering Me,

Me being there for Me

it actually what opened up everything and led me to Happiness and Peace and Fulfillment.


It’s my great honor and my personal obsession to share this message with others.

And today I am still a wife and a mother and I am an Entrepreneur and my message of Happiness through Self Love is why clients from around the world continue to work with me.

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9 Step Self Love System

 I've had the privilege and honor of mentoring and coaching 100s of clients over the last 5 years in the Secret to Happiness through accessing and elevating their Self Love and Self Worth. I am a Master Shaman, NLP and NLP New Code Master Practitioner, an Advanced Yoda & Vedanta teacher as well as a teacher of the Kartikean Yogic Method and Integrated Energy Therapy. Through all this mastery and my own insights and evolution I created what I found was the fasted way to clear, access and elevate to the highest vibration of Self Love and Self Worth - the secret of Happiness. 
And that's when I created my one 9 Step Self Love Program. 

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9 Step Self Love System