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Get Rid Of Energy Blockages With Angel Healing Therapy

Have you been trying to get out of a difficult situation for a very long time? In case, all your attempts have been in vain, Join Nicola for angel healing therapy which will help you shift challenging situations. A form of energy healing, special angel healing therapy involves divine angels guiding people through difficult situations so they can come out the other way effectively … and held in love. In every session of angel healing therapy, one undergoes a sense of release apart from feeling happy, peaceful, and balanced. Angel therapy a.k.a Integrated Energy Therapy works wonders in helping one overcome their mental blockages and put an end to all physical, mental, and spiritual conditions or problems caused because of these energy blockages. Of immense help in removing or alleviate these energy blockages, the therapy does include the use of hand mudras, so the healing can be called up again and again through the unconscious.

If you want to open to your Inner Light, get ready for your first live class with Nicola where you will learn to establish your own energetic “Angelic Heartlink” connection with the energy of the Angels! In this 7-class series, right from learning how to use ancient sacred geometry to watching your life transform like never before, you will undergo countless changes.

The Angelic individual & group Healing steps of transformation include: Step 7: The IET Freedom Process Step 6: Future Life Progression Step 5: Empowered Heart/Essential Action Process Step 4: The IET Forgiveness Process Step3: Clearing Your Karma with the Energy of Angels Step 2: Activating Your 12-Strand DNA Step 1: Heartlink with your Angels

We start on 2/21/19 … JOIN US with the Angels of Light and their Love!

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