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3 Common Myths of Special Angel Healing Therapy Demystified

Whether you’ve just ended a relationship or if the stress of work is tearing on you, it’s time to go for an alternative way to transform the pain: Special Angel healing therapy. While some of us are aware of what it is, for those of you who don’t, this Angel Healing comes from the Integrated Energy Therapy and helps you open to your Inner Light by calling upon Divine Angels with love and compassion to help you heal.

This divine therapy is known in some parts of the world and in the United States to have a high success rate among clients. Surveys conducted in by various healthcare magazines indicate that 77% of the people believe in the existence of angels. So when you ask yourself, “Are Angels real?”, before shrugging this question off, check out document cases of people who claim to have experienced the existence of Angels in some form and benefited greatly. It would be unwise of your to simply disregard the healing benefits of this therapy, without really experiencing it first.

Here’s a list of a few myths about energy demystified.

  1. It is incongruent to think that angel therapy is a new age technique. However, did you know that the studies of ‘chi’ and ‘prana’ have been going on for thousands of years in Asia? Reiki is real. The whole process of laying hands on the person to heal and then cure wounds was real in the past.

  2. If you think that people are not practicing energy healing, you are very wrong. Because after having tried various forms of mainstream medical treatments and not seeing any substantial results, 30-70% of adults are now seeking special Angel healing therapy and have reported to see miraculous results.

  3. Energy healing is not only for saints and sages. Anyone can try it and you don’t have to adorn yourself with beads and weird clothing. You can do it in the clothes you feel comfortable with and in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is concentrate and learn how to channel your energy.

Now that you’ve learned a tad bit about Angel healing processes, why not take a full workshop to experience first-hand the real benefits of this divine therapy and transform your life for good. Register yourself for a Shaman & Energy Therapy workshop by Nicola Fernandes today!