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Spiritualism And Emotional Intelligence Together Help Achieve Inner Peace

As humans, dealing with a multitude of emotions simultaneously can be overwhelming. In times of trouble, taking control of our own feelings can be very challenging. One moment we’re joyous and the other moment, we want to lock ourselves in our rooms and become detached from the world. It might not seem apparent, but this pattern of extremities in our emotions causes suffering. We lose our inner peace and lasting happiness. To avoid becoming a victim to everlasting sadness and lose hope in the world, it’s important that we achieve even-mindedness. This means, controlling the mind and stabilizing fluctuations. We will never be able to dwell within our changeless essence if we are always tossed around by that which changes, otherwise known as the ego self.

Here are a few regular spiritual practices that you can perform to come to a seemingly neutral state, that is unaffected by stimulants.

1. Take notice of an impulse, as it arises. Choose to not give in to it and remain neutral.

2. Instead of chasing something that your mind makes you think will make you happy, try and be content with whatever there is in the present.

3. Do not squash your existing feeling and try to fight it. Don’t avoid it or push it to the back of the head. Come to terms with it, address it, and then let it go.

4. Don’t artificially create overly intense emotions just to feel something.

5. Try and be non-reactive to conflicting situations. Keep your calm. Just listen and witness the situation. Don’t necessarily try to indulge in it. It’s not your job to educate people when they’re not asking for it.

6. Try to be non-opinionated and neutral about people, situations, and other things, in general.

Note that, it’s not only important to be at peace outside; you should also be stable and neutral on the inside. Once you’ve mastered the art of attaining inner peace, no stimulant or conflict can make you lose control over yourself. Your path to gaining everlasting happiness and bliss will become much easier and life will get more peaceful.

In any case, if all of this seems to difficult to do on your own, its best that you seek help from a spiritual coach who will help you channel your emotions via energy healing therapy. Enroll yourself today!