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What Is Positive Thinking And How Does It Affect Me?

Opposites attract. While this may be true for relationships - when it comes to thinking, this philosophy may not hold much ground. You must have heard people talking about how thinking positively helped them achieve their goals, feel happier, etc. But then, nobody explains what positive thinking really is, or how to train your brain to focus on positivity. Let’s first start with the meaning of positivity.

What is positivity?

Thousands of years ago, philosophers came up a theory which stated that changing your thoughts and the “mind” can alter reality. You think about displeasing things or thoughts that make you upset, and you would see the world as a depressing pit, where only bad things happen to you. Whereas, when you pay more attention to feeling pleasant emotions and holding on to those emotions that keep you calm, the world seems like an easier place to live in.

The difference between positive and negative thinking

The difference in thinking has a lot to do with how you perceive situations that happen around you. As the famous quote goes, “Pessimists look for difficulties in an opportunity, while optimists look for opportunities in a difficulty”, most people make a bigger deal out of problems that might not be as huge or disturbing. You watch TV and come across an 11 year old solving college level advanced mathematics and you think to yourself, “I want to do this. But I can’t”. This is a really pessimistic way to look at the situation. An optimist who believes in himself will appreciate the kid’s achievements and think of how he himself can come up with ways to make a difference.

Seeing the good in bad

Another way to differentiate negative from positive is by seeing how much effort it takes to be happy. Most happy people are optimists or rather most positive thinkers are happy people. Why? What causes this to happen? If you look closely, you will observe that no matter how difficult a situation an optimist is in, he will always look for one good thing, regardless of how big or small it is, and be happy about it. Moreover, when they suffer from a heartbreak or a breakdown in career, they take it as a learning experience. This speaks volumes of how optimists are more successful. They learn something from each experience. They remember to not make the same mistakes. They are constantly on a hunt for opportunities. Whereas, negative thinkers give up easily. They stop looking for opportunities. Even when an opportunity knocks at their door, they refuse to open it because they’re waiting for something bigger to happen.

For example, let’s say you work in London. Your family lives close to you and you are well versed with the city. Now you get a job offer from somewhere in the US, where the company is offering you double the money and several other amenities. The only catch is that you’ll have to move there and would rarely get to see your family. Will you take the job?

A pessimist will just ignore it in the first go because they wouldn’t want to get out of their comfort zone. Whereas, an optimist will think of taking it to learn new things. To see if it is fit for them. This is how they embrace opportunities.


You will never see good things if you let the cloud of negativity blur or blind your vision. To see things from a positive perspective and to feel happier in life, it’s important that you train your mind to attract positive by thinking positive thoughts and holding on to them. In the next blog, we’ll talk about how to train your mind. Stay tuned!

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