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Embarking on the True Journey of Self-Love: Eliminating That Which May Stop You

“Why do I need to love myself?” you might find yourself asking. If you are alien to the idea of self-love, it might sound like a luxury conjured up by entitled millennials or a hippie fad birthed by those who have too much time on their hands. But, in reality, it is imperative in this world where we are constantly seeking inner peace and mental well-being. It is the key that can keep us happy, keep issues like anxiety and depression at bay.

So, how do you love yourself? For starters, you need to find an effective self-love coach in New York, but more importantly, you need to stop indulging in behavior that can keep you from loving yourself. Here are some examples:

1. Not giving yourself enough credit

How many times have you criticized yourself today? How many times have you deflected compliments? We live in a world where self-deprecation is celebrated. It is okay for someone to say “I am so bad at this”, but when the same person says “I am great at this”, it is considered gloating. And this is what keeps us from appreciating ourselves and giving ourselves credit for our successes and achievements. When you stop giving these negative thoughts power over yourself, you will learn to love yourself more. You will realize that life is so much better and you can be much happier.

2. Comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others will do nothing but rob you of your joy and happiness. We are all guilty of doing it at some point but it helps to understand that nothing good can ever come of it. Whether you compare your life to the seemingly wholesome life of the celebrities you stalk on social media or to that colleague who seems to get everything thrown his or her way, it is doing nothing but bringing you down in front of your own eyes, making you think others are better than you. Instead, transform this negative comparison process into one of self-acceptance and growth. It will push you to do better and be more content in life.

3. Seeking validation for every little action

Many of us judge our self-worth by the validation that we get for our actions. When someone approves of us, we feel worthy. But that is only preventing you from experiencing your real worth because the moment the validation stops coming, your insecurities set in and you begin to question yourself. You cannot control other people’s perceptions of you and the way they view your life. And that is why self-love is important so that your self-worth’s dependence on those around you disappears.

If you need help eliminating such negative thoughts and actions from your life, get in touch with Nicola, who will be able to provide you effective self-love coaching in New York.