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How to Deal With Deep-Rooted Insecurity In Life?

How many of us can truly say that we do not have any insecurities? No matter how much the present generation is berated for our seemingly inflated sense of self, it is important to understand that not everything is hunky-dory at all times. Everyone harbors some kind of insecurity, which is an underlying, often overwhelming emotion that doesn’t just shape our self-worth but also dictates our behavior. We constantly worry about what those around us think of us, we worry that we are unattractive; we worry that we will never be able to be successful in life. So how do we overcome it all? How do we learn to be content and at peace with ourselves? The answer may not be simple nor the process easy, but you need to start somewhere.

1. Accept yourself for all that you are

When someone criticizes us, we often end up internalizing it, resulting in our self-worth taking a plunge. You need to stop doing that. Start by evaluating yourself with compassion considering both your physical body and inner self. See them for the beautiful, even if imperfect, parts that they are, that deserves as much love as anything else. You will realize that they are the bits that make the real you.

2. Try to forgive the past

Often, our insecurities stem from criticism by a family member or authority figure. If this is true in your case, you need to recognize and accept it. Only then you can forgive those people and your past. You need to remember where their criticism came from their own insecurities. While they were wrong in what they did, you forgiving them will only help you because holding on to indignation and bitterness will impede your growth in life.

3. Embrace the idea of self-approval

Even though not a lot of us may be willing to admit, we do seek approval from others. Whether it is in the form of verbal praise or a ‘like’ on our social media posts, approval makes us feel worthy and validated. Why not swap that for self-approval? When you take the power to approve yourself into your own hands, you immediately strip others of it. This makes it easy for you to love yourself a little more.

If you need someone to guide you on your journey to shed your deepest insecurities, get in touch with a life coach who will be able to provide you with all the help you need.

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