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How to Stop Yourself from Overthinking

Life has its own way of playing out and not everything that happens will be in sync with what we want. Different people have different coping mechanisms when life throws a wrecking ball their way. Some get right back up, others experience stress and anxiety, and then come those who can’t help but overthink. Overthinking potentially makes your life a living hell. For a healthy body, mind, and soul, it is vital that you stop overthinking as it attracts negative energy. It disrupts your vibe and takes a toll on your well-being. A holistic approach would be to take one problem at a time rather than do nothing but crib about how bad things only happen to you. Seeing a shaman will help in this scenario as she or he will heal you on a wholesome level. Those of you who are looking for an energy healer in New York, you have come to the right place! Here are 3 reasons why you may be overthinking and what you should do about it: 1. When your mind is imbalanced, it gets stuck with a particular thought for a long time. With the slightest emotional trigger, you get thinking about the same thing all over again. You need to deal with the emotion associated with the recurring thought. So, for example, something your partner did may have upset you but you may not have told them about it yet. It is never good to hold on to negative emotions for long. Talk to a qualified energy healer if you are bad at expressing. 2. A chaotic mind means a messy life. If your mind is cluttered with millions of thoughts, you won’t be able to focus on any task at hand. Too many to-do lists and contained emotions are just a couple of examples of a cluttered mind. An amazing way to deal with ‘mind clutter’ is to meditate. The process is about focusing on a particular thing, be it your breathing or a feeling. As the chaos clears, things will become better. 3. Our work commitments require us to partake in a lot of mental exercises while we do not indulge in enough physical activities. Most of us are accustomed to sedentary lifestyles and this is an important factor that leads to overthinking. There needs to be a balance between your mind and body. Get up and stretch after every hour of sitting at a desk and include regular exercise in your everyday schedule.

Meeting with an energy healer goes a long way in helping you deal with your demons and fighting with issues like overthinking. Nicola is an energy healer in New York who truly believes real happiness is achievable through self-love. Reach out at Self Love With Nicola.