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3 Things you need to know, if you want to stay in balance

how to stay in balance

At times like this, you might be asking yourself “How do I keep balance?”

As I connected to the Universe, there are three really important points that they want me to share with the world. I sit here in the sun and it's beautiful and I want to share that it’s totally available. It’s totally possible! You just have to make the decision.

Life will get so much easier once you know this. Things will be different. Life will feel more at ease. You will be in a different place.

So what are those three things that really bring you into balance?

1. Be in the eye of the storm

This is a huge one right now. There's kind of like a tornado of energies happening like in a mixing bowl and everything gets swirled around, all the energies or what we used to know and understand, like all the old patterns and behaviors and how life on earth used to work is swirled around. And so a lot of people are like just rumbling around in that mixing bowl. Stay in the center of it. Stay in the eye of the storm and just watch it in stillness knowing this will pass, too. Being aware of your emotions, just working through them, using your tools, knowing what to do every time emotions come up. You can work with the seed, work with your childhood, go to a healer, get a coach to work through it. In the eye of the storm, there's no more polarity. Polarity was the old world. For such a time as this, we have to.

2. Be in the flow of the infinite

Think of it like an infinity symbol where you're flowing constantly and the flow of that sideways, that back-and-forth ... like for money when you spend money in one place, somewhere else more money comes in. Be in this infinity flow all the time, don't hold on to the opposites anymore: the hotter, the colder, the more, the less, the higher, the lower … because that's like the river: let yourself be drifted. If you try to hold onto the shore, you end up using a lot of energy and you're not going further. This is the time to let go and let it flow. Let's do it now. Through your flow, be in the knowing that everything works always out for you. All is good. As the shamans have said for a long time, "There comes a time when there are no more safe places, only safe people".

3. Don't hold on to the safety net, the material things.

Structure is crumbling as you know it. You as a person have to become stable, which means flexible and balanced. Let go of your safety net and evaluate what safety means for you and how you can find it within yourself, safety in your connection to mother earth, safety in your integrity, safety in your truthfulness, safety in your wisdom, living authentically and vulnerably. We say "wear your heart on your sleeve". That is true safety. Take risks, knowing that the only certainty is change.

Use this knowledge. Prove it. Make it yours. This time can become yours. It can become your most powerful and balanced time on this planet, yet.

What are you learning?

Where do you need support to go deeper?

I am so excited to see you soar, see you in jay, see you be your best self.

Wishing you an amazing and balanced week.